Inspiration Behind the Royal Wedding Shoot

It had been a few months that I had been thinking that it was time to add a styled shoot to my portfolio but all I kept thinking of was "With who?" and "Which design should I pick?". Being one of the newer Las Vegas wedding designer and planner, I had so many ideas and inspiration boards that I wanted to see come to fruition. The universe heard my plea and during our first WIPA meeting of the year, the very talented Kristen Hansen from KMH Photography approached me with her idea of having a royal wedding styled shoot. WOW! I was blown away and instantly inspired. I went home that night and started putting together some pics for my vision board, even before I had the final "go" to move ahead with this! Now who doesn't love the Royals? I mean, there are tons of people that don't care too much about their personal lives, but when it comes to a Royal Wedding, I think everyone has some sort of curiosity... especially when the newest Princess is an American! 

So we decided to recreate our own Royal Wedding with a more modern take on it. When I think about a wedding, I think of two main things. What do I want it to feel like? And by answering this question, often the answer to what it will look like follows. Well, at least that what's it's like for me! I knew I wanted it to feel regal, lush and rich.

Coincidentally, I had just finished watching Netflix's newest series of The Crown just a few weeks prior and I knew exactly from where I was going to draw my inspiration for this shoot. I remember Queen Elizabeth's coronation ceremony and how regal, rich and beautiful the St. Edward's crown was and that image remained imprinted in my mind. It had color, texture, richness and elegance (see images of the crown below). Once I nailed down what I wanted it to look like everything else came into play pretty easily. Green Valley Ranch had the perfect walkway for an intimate yet royal wedding setting. Adorned with tall juniper trees, it was where this had to take place! GVR also designed our very royal, purple and gold adorned 5 tier cake which we placed in front of a gold ornate mirror supplied by Flourish for added drama (who doesn't like the good kind of drama?!). Being obsessed with velvet and it just so happened to be the new trend for wedding linen, I knew I HAD to have it. La Tavola Linen had the perfect emerald green linens for our tablescape. Floral and decor had to be lush, deep and rich in tones but still light and airy! Flourish did an amazing job putting together exactly this. A gorgeous selection of white blooms with splashes of purple was a perfect fit. All the decor items, candlesticks and mirrors, were ornate and a brushed type gold, to convey the idea of old and royal. For the perfect final touch to our royal tablescape, Flourish found these gorgeous little crown napkin holders that we used as embellishments and laid on top of our menu cards. For the bride's bouquet, nothing other than Lillies of the Valley were fitting of course! After all, tradition is tradition and we had to keep some of that! The invitation suite and menu cards were designed by the none other talented Elizabeth Gillette, from EG Letters. Hand written calligraphy was the way to go on this! From the deep colors to the perfect stock, these invitations stole the show and definitely set the tone for this royal extravaganza and of course, The Monarch velvet ring box from The Mrs. Box... how fitting!

Our partnering with Epic Event Rentals (now owned by ByDzign) was crucial in this shoot. They provided us with the large king tables, elegant Bella Chairs, with green velvet cushions to match, our floor and tall table candelabras, all our tableware, flatware, glassware and charger plates.

Grey Pearl Bride had the most perfect gown designed by Christopher Paunil. With it's simplicity and richness in fabric, the dress stood alone. It came with a gorgeous long cape that was just perfect for our very own Meghan Markle (portrayed by Vanessa Greene, TNG Models). RomanticARTLife supplied our American Princess with the beautiful pearl adorned tiara and the talented artists from Amelia & Co, turned our already beautiful model, into a stunning royal princess. Last but not least, Tuxedo Junction dressed our Prince Harry (Kedric Bateman also from TNG Models). I really wanted something other than a black tux. Don't get me wrong, I love black and it's so classic, but I really felt that if we could bring in a burgundy tux, that this was the moment to do it. Paired with a classic black bow tie, the groom looked just about as royal as we can get!

We almost had our royal plans ruined after it started raining quite heavily right around the time we had to set up but we were patient (and continuously refreshing our Weather Apps for updated Doppler info) and eventually the rain stopped just in time for us to set up (quickly) and carry on with our shoot. It actually worked out great... it looked just like London does in winter, spring or fall. Voilà! For more fun and inspiring pics, follow me on Instagram @storybookeventslv . See you soon!