How much does a Wedding Planner Cost?

You love the idea of having someone design, plan and execute your wedding day but if you are like most, you have no idea how much a wedding planner costs. I mean, it’s not something you use in your daily life and for most, it’s the first time you have ever reached out to one, so it’s normal to not have an idea.

Pricing is mainly dictated by things such as geographical location (a wedding planner in LA will charge you much more than a planner in Las Vegas), experience, budget, guest count and scope of work. I get asked quite often by couples, why will you charge more if my budget is higher? Typically, the moving parts of a wedding with a budget of $150,000 is much more than a wedding with a budget of $50,000. You may want a string quartet, in addition to your live band and/or DJ. You will typically have many more rentals for us to manage and different spaces for us to design, more proposals and contracts you need us to review, etc. The tough thing about a planner is that we don’t have anything tangible, but we seriously do everything! Even things that really don’t fall into our court, we take care of and mainly because we just want your wedding day to run smoothly. Most often, couples don’t really understand a planner’s worth until they are already well into the planning process.

Can a planner save you money?

While chatting at a networking event, a fellow planner friend of mine said, “If I plan your wedding in 30 minutes its because I spent 10 years learning how to do it in 30 minutes. You owe me for the years, not the minutes. “ I could not agree more. Although it takes us longer than 30 minutes to plan your entire wedding, we work years to streamline the process and have valuable experience on how to save you time and money. Coming up with creative solutions and managing your budget is part of what we do and we know where to put your money to make the largest impact.


Wedding Planners will typically charge you a fixed rate or a percentage of your total budget. Here are the average costs for a Las Vegas Wedding Planner:

Fixed Rate
Full Planning: between $4,500 and $8,000
Partial Planning: between $2,000 and $4000
Day of (Month of) Coordination: between $1,500 and $2,500

For the planners that charge a percentage, you can expect anywhere from 10-20% of your total wedding budget.

All of the above listed are average prices so that doesn’t mean that you won’t find someone charging less or more.

The Why
I think above all else, you are hiring your planner for their style, their experience and their personality, because let’s face it, you’ll be working together for about a year. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to hire a planner, but I always advise to follow your gut.